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Port Phillip & Westernport Geomorphological Units

Port Philip and Western Port Map of Geomorphological Units (PDF - 2 MB) To view the information PDF requires the use of a PDF reader. This can be installed for free from the Adobe website (external link).

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Port Phillip and Westernport Geomorphological Unit

Geomorphological Units
Eastern Uplands (EU)Western Plains (WP)
1.1.1 High elevation summit plateaux6.1.1 Eruption points: maars, scoria cones and lava shields, including associated ash and scoria deposits
1.2.1 Moderate elevation plateaux and broad ridges6.1.2 Volcanic derived stony rises
1.3.1 Low elevation low relief landscapes6.1.3 Volcanic derived plains with poorly developed drainage and shallow regolith
1.3.3 Low elevation terraces, fans and floodplains6.1.5 Volcanic derived terraces, floodplains and lakes, swamps and lunettes and their deposits
1.4.1 Prominent summits above 1200 m6.2.2 Sedimentary derived dissected plains
1.4.2 Prominent summits between 500 and 1200 m6.2.4 Sedimentary derived plains and plains with low rises
1.4.3 Escarpments and gorges6.2.5 Sedimentary derived terraces and floodplains, and coastal plains
1.4.4 Deeply dissected ridge and valley landscapes6.3 Hills and low hills
1.4.5 Moderately dissected ridge and valley landscapes
1.4.6 Outlying ridges and hillsEastern Plains (EP)
7.1.1 Sunkland coastal plains with ridges and dunefields
Western Uplands (WU)7.1.2 Sunkland alluvial plains
2.1.1 Dissected uplands: Ridges, escarpments, mountains on non-granitic Palaeozoic rocks7.1.3 Sunkland former swamps and lagoonal deposits
2.1.2 Dissected uplands: Hills, valley slopes and plans on non-granitic Palaeozoic rocks7.2.1 Riverine flood plains and morasses
2.1.3 Dissected uplands: Ridges, escarpments, mountains on granitic Palaeozoic rocks7.2.2 Riverine prior stream plains
2.1.4 Dissected uplands: Hills, valley slopes and plains on granitic Palaeozoic rocks7.3.1 Higher level plains without dunes
2.1.5 Dissected uplands: Plateaux and rises of residual Cainozoic landscapes7.3.2 Higher level plains with dunes
2.1.6 Dissected uplands: Eruption points and volcanic plains7.3.3 Higher level dissected plains
2.1.7 Dissected uplands: Terraces and floodplains
Coast (C)
Southern Uplands (SU)8.1.3 Active cliffs: Subaerial dominant processes; with shore platform
3.1.2 Moderate elevantion ranges8.4 Coastal Barriers
3.2.1 Low elevation plateau and broad ridges8.5.1 Transgressive dunes: cliff top; stranded
3.2.2 Low elevation ranges8.6.1 Low coasts: tidal
3.2.3 Low elevation basaltic residuals8.7 Engineered coast
3.3.1 Very low elevation plateaux
3.3.2 Very low elevation hills and low hills
3.3.3 Very low elevation basaltic residuals
3.3.4 Very low elevation terraces and floodplains
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