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6.2.4 Plains and plains with low rises (Duck Hole Plain, Irrewillipe, Hanson Plain)

6. Western Plains (WP)
6.2 Sedimentary plains (Plains on unconsolidated (sedimentary) deposits

The undissected sand plains occupy an area south of the volcanic plains and north of the Heytesbury (Hanson Plain, Ross Plain, Duck Hole Plain, Saddlecloth Plain), where they form generally flat landscapes with very gentle low rises. Further north, around Leslie Manor, the sand plains are present in a ‘window’ through the basalt plains. Further east, a remnant of the sedimentary plains forms gently dissected plains north of Anglesea (the Gherang Gherang land system of Pitt 1981).

Associated soil types include sodic and non-sodic
mottled texture contrast soils (Sodosols, Kurosols) and pale or grey sandy soils with ‘coffee rock’ or clay at depth (Podosols).
Image: 6.2.4
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