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1.4.2 Prominent summits between 500 and 1200 m (Pine Mountain, Mt Samaria, Mt Ellery, Ben Cruachan)

1. Eastern Uplands (EU)
1.4 Dissected landscapes at a range of elevations

These are peaks with elevations not more than about 1 200 m that stand some 100 - 200 m above surrounding landscapes. They often occur at the edge of a small area of Tier 1.2.1, (e.g. Mt. Samaria: 953 m), but may also be slightly more prominent peaks in the steep mountainous landscapes of Tier 1.4.4 e.g. Ben Cruachan (1 175 m) north of Heyfield and Granite Peak (1 393 m) south of Mitta Mitta. Near Melbourne, Mt Dandenong (612 m) and Mt St Leonard (c. 1 000 m) rise sharply above their surroundings

East of the Snowy River are numerous isolated high points rising above hilly and mountainous landscapes, e.g. Mt Raymond, Mt Murrangowar, Mt Ellery, Mt Cann, Mt Kaye, Mt Drummer and Genoa Peak.

The vegetation is open forest of mixed eucalypts (Narrow-leaf Peppermint, Candlebark Gum, Manna Gum, Victorian Blue Gum) with a low understory of Sclerophyllous shrubs.

The soils are mainly red and brown gradational soils (Dermosols), some with abundant stones, tending to soils with little pedogenic development (Kandosols or Tenosols) on steeper and drier slopes.
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