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6.2.5 Terraces and floodplains and coastal plains (Barwon River, Moolap Sunkland, Cape Otway)

6. Western Plains (WP)

6.2 Sedimentary plains (Plains on unconsolidated (sedimentary) deposits

Alluvium, alluvial terraces and floodplains are prevalent in the valley floors of the dissected sedimentary plains of the Heytesbury region. An extensive coastal plain occurs across the Moolap Sunkland, west of the uplifted Bellarine Block. This area was a shallow seaway both during the last interglacial (ca 125 000 years ago) and the Holocene maximum (ca 6000 years ago) (Marsden 1988).

Associated soil types include
mottled sodic texture contrast soils (Sodosols), grey and black cracking clays (Vertosols) and some dark loams (Dermosols).
Image: 6.2.5
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