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7.2.1 Floodplains and morasses (Powlett, Tarwin, Moe, Latrobe, Thomson, Avon, Mitchell, Jack and Tarra Rivers, Dowd's Morass)

7. Eastern Plains (EP)
7.2 South eastern Riverine Plains

The present flood plains and morasses include the recent alluvial deposits such as those in the Tarwin, Powlett, Moe, Latrobe, Thomson, Avon, Mitchell, Jack and Tarra River valleys, and swamps such as The Heart’s and Dowd's Morass near Sale. These areas are subject to inundation in times of flood. Most of the alluvium comprises fine sand, silt and clay sized sediments. The resulting soils are generally dark grey to black soils lacking texture contrast (Dermosols) and are of high natural fertility. It is likely that the present flood plains east of Traralgon was a flood plain riparian woodland, but in higher rainfall areas, for example the flood plains of the Moe, Tarwin and Powlett Rivers the vegetation was swamp scrub. While most of the flood plains now carry pasture, some are used for horticultural crops, for example the Avon and Mitchell river flats. Wetter areas such as the Morasses and much of the Powlett and Tarra river flats are Hydrosols as their major soil type.
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