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Victorian Resources Online

Victorian Resources Online

The Victorian Resources Online (VRO) is your gateway to a wide range of information and associated maps related to Victoria's soil and landscapes. You can access this information at both statewide and regional levels across Victoria. Agriculture industry views are being provided for Dairy, Horticulture and Grains.

Natural resources information relevant to Victoria's Catchment Management Regions can be found organised by region - Mallee, Wimmera, Glenelg-Hopkins, Corangamite, Port Phillip and Westernport, West Gippsland, East Gippsland, North East, Goulburn Broken and North Central

Teaching and Learning Resources - Soils - links to support education, including relevant animations.

Teaching and Learning Resources - Landscapes - links to support education, including relevant animations and landscape visualisations.

Aerial overview map of Victoria showing Catchment Management Authority boundaries

Montage of soil images used as an icon

A range of information on the nature and distribution of Victorian soils can be found as well as information on soil health.

A soil and land survey directory enables access to a range of soil and land surveys completed in Victoria.

Statewide overview information is provided on soil pH, soil texture, soil sodicity and Coastal Acid Sulfate Soils.

A Soils Glossary provides an explanation of soil terms used throughout the website.

Montage of landform images used as an icon

Maps and information on Victoria's Geomorphology as well as access to Land Systems studies.

Montage of land and water management images used as an icon
Land and Water Management

A range of information related to landscape health - including Salinity Management, Land Degradation and Invasive Plants. Also, information on Irrigated Agriculture and Declared Water Supply Catchments.

The Biodiversity in Agriculture section provides information on biodiversity in agriculture derived from previous Departmental projects.

Montage of agriculture images used as an icon

This new Dairy section of the VRO website provides natural resource information relevant to Victoria's dairy regions - with a major focus on soils and land use.


Montage of animations images used as an icon
Soil and Landscape Animations

A series of soil and landscape animations are provided to show soil processes with a focus on agricultural systems and landscapes.

Carbon Cycle Animation
Nitrogen Cycle Animation

Icon: Dairy Nitrogen Fertiliser Advisor
Dairy N Fertiliser Advisor Tool

The Dairy Nitrogen Fertiliser Advisor is designed to allows farmers and their advisors to fine tune their decisions about how much nitrogen to apply to pastures in a grazing rotation.

Other Relevant Information

Agriculture (Agriculture Victoria)
Biodiversity (links to Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Biodiversity information)
Water (links to Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Water information)
Climate (links to Bureau of Meteorology and other climate information)
Marine (links to Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Marine information)

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