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West Gippsland Geomorphological Units

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Geomorphic Unit Type

West Gippsland Geomorphological Units
Eastern Uplands (EU)
1.1.1 High elevation summit plateaux1.1.2 High elevation broad ridges, plateaux1.2.1 Moderate elevation plateaux and broad ridges
1.3.1 Low elevation low relief landscapes1.3.2 Low elevation enclosed landscapes of low relief1.3.3 Low elevation terraces, fans and floodplains
1.4.2 Prominent summits between 500 and 1200 m1.4.3 Escarpments and gorges1.4.4 Deeply dissected ridge and valley landscapes
1.4.5 Moderately dissected ridges and valley landscapes
Southern Uplands (SU)
3.1.1 Moderate elevation plateaux and broad ridges3.1.2 Moderate elevation ranges3.1.3 Moderate elevation basalt residuals
3.1.4 Moderate elevation prominent hills3.2.1 Low elevation plateaux and broad ridges3.2.2 Low elevation ranges
3.2.3 Low elevation basalt residuals3.3.2 Very low elevation hills and low hills3.3.4 Very low elevation terraces and floodplains
Eastern Plains (EP)
7.2.1 Riverine floodplains and morasses7.2.2 Riverine prior stream plains7.2.3 Riverine older alluvial plains
7.3.1 Higher level plains without dunes7.3.2 Higher level plains with dunes7.3.3 Higher level dissected plains
7.3.4 High level dissected plains with dunes7.3.5 Higher level dunefields
Coast (C)
8.3 Strzelecki cliffs8.4 Coastal barriers8.5.1 Transgressive dunes: Cliff top; stranded
8.5.2 Transgressive dunes: Sea level8.6.1 Low coasts: Tidal8.6.2 Low coasts: Lagoonal

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