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Bairnsdale Mapsheet

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[Bairnsdale Mapsheet

sites of Geological and Geomorphological Significance - Bairnsdale
International SignificanceGL11 (8422) Slaughterhouse Creek
GL19 (8422) Mitchell River DeltaGL12 (8422) Nicholson River Delta
GL14 (8422) Tambo Bluff
National SignificanceGL15 (8422) Point Scott - Raymond Island
GL30 (8422) Rotomah IslandGL16 (8422) Shaving Point and floor of Lake King
GL31 Boole Boole Peninsula/Jubilee HeadGL17 (8422) Salt Lake (Taylors Swamp)
GL32 Sperm Whale HeadGL18 (8422) Purran Corner
GL21 (8422) Tyers Creek Road Cutting
State SignificanceGL22 (8422) Eagle Point Bluff
8422-5 Congulmerang - Walpa Road CuttingGL24 (8422) Butler Point
8422-7 SkinnersGL25 (8422) Point Fullarton
8422-8 Myrtle PointGL26 (8422) Bunga Arm
8422-9 Dreiers CliffGL27 (8422) Mullacky Lagoon ("Moss Ball" Lake)
8422-10 Soldiers RoadGL36 (8422) Tannin Point
8422-11 Pound SwampGL37 (8422) Wattle Point
8422-12 Bellevue
GL4 (8522) Cuspate Forelands at Lakes EntranceLocal Significance
GL10 (8422) Tambo River Delta8422-1 Mississippi Creek
GL20 (8422) McLeod MorassGL8 (8422) Nyerimalang Bluff
GL23 (8422) Point Turner - Banksia PeninsulaGL9 (8422) Maringa Creek
GL13 (8422) Gravel Ridges on Lake King Shoreline - Broome Point
Regional Significance
8422-2 Swan Rad Road Cutting
8422-3 Tambo River Cliffs
8422-4 Bruthen - Buchan Road Cutting
GL5/6 (8522) Hopetoun Channel, Hidden Lake
GL7 (8522) Jemmys Point
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