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This page provides a listing of the weed species on this website. Information provided for most Declared Noxious Weed species includes: maps of potential distribution and present distribution in Victoria; invasiveness assessment and impact assessment for species, and links to relevant websites. For other species only some of this information is currently available.

Pale berry asparagus
Painted lady
Palm grass
Pampas grass
Pampas lily-of-the-valley (Nox)
Panic veldt grass
Parkinsonia (Nox)
Parramatta grass
Parrots feather
Parrot alstroemeria
Parthenium weed (Nox)
Paterson's curse (Nox)
Peppercorn tree
Perennial ragweed (Nox)
Perennial veldt grass
Peruvian Lily
Weeds alphabetical listing - common name pPink pampas grass
Plumeless thistle
Pom pom weed
Ponderosa pine
Pond apple (Nox)
Portugal laurel
Poverty weed (Nox)
Prairie ground cherry (Nox)
Pregnant onion
Prickly acacia (Nox)
Prickly pears (Nox)
Pride of Madeira
Primrose Willow
Puna grass
Pyp Grass
"Nox" refers to Declared Noxious Weed
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