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Peppercorn tree (Schinus molle)

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Scientific name:Schinus molle L.

Common Name:

Pepper tree, Peppercorn tree


Native to tropical southern America (Weber 2003). Naturalised in Mediterranean and semi-arid regions around the world (Howard & Minnich 1989). Described as invading riverbanks, forests, shrubland, coastal dunes, beaches (Weber 2003) lowland grassland, grassy woodland, dry sclerophyll forest & woodland, riparian vegetation, rock outcrops (Carr
et al 1992), forested wetland, canyons, savannah (Calflora 2007), abandoned farms, coastal vegetation, chenopod shrubland (Blood 2001), seasonal water courses and rocky escarpments, predominantly where rainfall is less than 600 mm (Muyt 2001). Densest stands develop on moist sites. Occurs in the South American Andes to an altitude of 3300 m (Howard & Minnich 1989).

Peppercorn tree foliage and fruit
Peppercorn tree foliage and fruit
Photo: Mark Imhof
Peppercorn Tree Fruit
Peppercorn tree fruit
Photo: Angela Fadersen

Young Peppercorn tree
Young Peppercorn tree
Photo: Mark Imhof
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