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Perennial veldt grass (Ehrharta calycina)

Impact Assessment

Scientific name:Ehrharta calycina Sm.

Common name:

Perennial veldt grass


Native to southern Africa 200 - 700 mm (Bond & Goldblatt 1984) and invasive in NZ, USA, Chile (Frey, 2005) and Vic, Tas, WA, SA & NSW (Jacobs & Hastings 1993). In its native range it grows in savannas, and elsewhere is able to invade sandy soils, especially dunes (Frey 2005). It can grow in woodlands (Smith
et al. 1999), dry coastal vegetation, heathland, heathy woodland, lowland grassland and grassy woodland (Carr et al. 1997) open mallee, low woodland, open forest, open grassland (Virtue & Melland 2003), sparse pasture, sand along roadsides, and under widely-spaced pine plantations (Frey 2005). Native vegetation that has been subject to disturbances [and also] certain ‘naturally open’ vegetation types on sandy soils appear susceptible to invasion. E. calycina does not readily invade or persist in relatively pristine, tall, dense vegetation (Virtue & Melland 2003).
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