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Invasive Plants - Common Name - B

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This page provides a listing of the weed species on this website. Information provided for most Declared Noxious Weed species includes: maps of potential distribution and present distribution in Victoria; invasiveness assessment and impact assessment for species, and links to relevant websites. For other species only some of this information is currently available.

Baboon flower (Babiana angustifolia)
Baboon flower (Babiana stricta)
Ball cotton clover
Barbed-wire cactus

Barleria, porcupine flower
Basket asparagus
Bathurst burr (Nox)
Beach creeping oxeye
Beach gladiolus
Bearskin fescue (Nox)
Bent grass
Besom heath
Bighead knapweed
Bindweed (Nox)
Berry flower heath
Blackberry (Nox)
Black knapweed (Nox)
Black willow
Bluebell creeper
Blue canary grass
Blue hound's tongue
Blue periwinkle
Blue psoralea
Blue sedge
Bomarea multiflora
Boneseed / bitou bush (Nox)
Bordered watsonia
Box elder
Branched broomrape (Nox)
Branched scouringbush
Brazilian oxalis
Brazilian pepper tree
Bridal creeper (Nox)
Broad-leaf carpetgrass
Broadleaf privet
Bromus (Bromus catharticus)
Bromus (Bromus inermis)
Brown Sedge
Brown-top bent
Buffalo burr (Nox)
Buffalo thorn
Burr ragweed

Weeds alphabetical listing - common name b
Butterfly bush
Buxbaum’s sedge
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