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Invasive Plants - Common Name - H

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This page provides a listing of the weed species on this website. Information provided for most Declared Noxious Weed species includes: maps of potential distribution and present distribution in Victoria; invasiveness assessment and impact assessment for species, and links to relevant websites. For other species only some of this information is currently available.

Hairy thornapple
Hanging sedge
Hardheads (Nox)
Harlequin flower
Harrisia catus
Hawkweed (Nox)
Hawthorn (Nox)
Hedge heath
Hemlock (Nox)
Hemp agrimony
Himalayan balsam
Himalayan Cotoneaster
Weeds alphabetical listing - common name h
Himalayan giant lily
Himalayan honeysuckle
Himalayan Strawberry Tree
Hoary cress (Nox)
Holly leaved senecio
Holm oak
Honey locust
Horehound (Nox)
Horsetail (Nox)
Hudson pear
Hybrid mother of millions
Hymenachne (Nox)

"Nox" refers to Declared Noxious Weed

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