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Panic veldt grass (Ehrharta erecta)

Invasive Assessment | Potential Distribution

Scientific name:Ehrharta erecta Lam.

Common name:

Panic veldt grass


Not declared noxious in Victoria.


Widespread in Victoria, particularly in disturbed environments in shady locations on moist, but well-drained, lighter soils (Harden 1993, Muyt 2001). Panic veldt grass invades dry coastal vegetation, lowland grassland and grassy woodland, dry sclerophyll forest and woodland, riparian vegetation, and rock outcrop vegetation (Carr
et al 1992).

Photo:  Panic Veldt Infestation
Panic veldt grass infestation
Photo: Mark Imhof
Photo:  Panic Veldt Grass
Panic veldt grass
Photo: Mark Imhof
Photo:  Panic Veldt Grass head
Panic veldt grass head
Photo: Mark Imhof
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