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Basket asparagus (Asparagus aethiopicus)

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Species: Asparagus aethiopicus L.

Common name:

Asparagus fern


Native to South Africa. Grows on sandy or skeletal soils in warm temperate regions, within a temperature range of 10 to 20
oC and rainfall from 500 to 1500 mm annually. Ranges from coastal sand dunes to open woodland, especially where some shade is available (Parsons & Cuthbertson 2002). Capable of invading coastal scrubs, heaths and grasslands; open rocky areas, littoral rainforest, rainforest, frontal dunes and sclerophyll forest, heathy woodland and open woodlands (Breaden et al. 2006; Carr et al. 1996; Csurhes and Edwards 1998; Downey 2006; Vivian-Smith et al. 2006).
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