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Holly (Ilex aquifolium)

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Scientific name: Ilex aquifolium L.

Common name:



Preferring cool, moist climates and deep fertile soils the species is reported to invade woodlands, scrubland, damp to wet schlerophyll forest, riparian vegetation, the edges of cool temperate rainforest and pasture (Blood 2001; Carr, Yugovic & Robinson 1992; Muyt 2001; Webb, Sykes & Garnock-Jones 1988; Weber 2003). In Europe the species is reported to normally occur in the understorey of woodland however in areas with mild winters it can occur in open areas (Groom, Baker & Long 1991). At the northern and eastern extremes of the species range of it’s native Europe it is reported to be restricted to coastal areas (Groom, Baker & Long 1991).

Photo:  Holly leaves and fruit
Holly foliage and fruit
Photo: Mark Imhof
Photo: Holly
Holly leaves
Photo: Mark Imhof
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