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Erosion in Victoria (1938)

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The following document regarding the state of erosion in Victoria was published in 1938. Briefly, it contains a discussion of the types of erosion found as well as their causes, effects, reclamation and control. Measures appropriate for erosion control on both state- and privately-owned land were also considered.

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Gully through grassland at Bindi, Upper Tambo, 25 ft to 30 ft deep (1938)
Part 1 Erosion in Victoria
(PDF 137KB)
Appendix - Types of Erosion
Sheet Erosion
EROSION_VICTORIA_appendixsheet (1).pdf
(PDF 570KB)

Appendix - Types of Erosion
Gully Erosion
EROSION_VICTORIA_appendixgul (2).pdf
(PDF 559KB)

Appendix - Types of Erosion
Stream Erosion

EROSION_VICTORIA_appendixstream (3).pdf
(PDF 201KB)

Appendix - Types of Erosion
EROSION_VICTORIA_appendixland (4).pdf
(PDF 176KB)

Appendix - Types of Erosion
EROSION_VICTORIA_appendixwind (5) .pdf
(PDF 156KB)

Appendix - Types of Erosion
EROSION_VICTORIA_appendixsiltation (6).pdf
(PDF 381KB)
Appendix - Types of Erosion
Methods of Control
EROSION_VICTORIA_appendixcontrol (7).pdf
(PDF 281KB)

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