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Declared Water Supply Catchments

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Many catchments supplying water for domestic, irrigation or other purposes within Victoria are protected under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994. These catchments have significant values as a source of water supply, both for domestic and for stock and domestic use.

This information assists planners and those managing land disturbance or development activities to readily determine the suitability of proposed activities within these catchment areas.

Once a catchment is Declared, approvals for activities conducted under other statutes and statutory planning schemes must be referred to the responsible land management authority (CMA or DELWP) for approval.

Declared Water Supply Catchments

There are 134 Declared Water Supply Catchments (formerly known as Proclaimed Water Supply Catchments) with in Victoria.

The relationship of water quality and quantity with different levels of catchment planning is the basis for catchment planning and management under the provisions of the Catchment and Land Protection Act, 1994, (formerly the Soil Conservation and Land Utilisation Act, 1958).

Under this Act, Declared Special Areas (Water Supply Catchments)officially recognise designated catchments for water supply purposes. This process highlights to the community, land managers and planners, the importance of the catchment for water supply purposes.

Declaration is initiated by the Catchment Management Authority's (CMA) recommendation to the Minister. Following Ministerial approval, notification is made in the Government Gazette.
Image:  Declared Water Supply Catchments
Map of Declared Water Supply Catchments

Special Area Plans

Special Area Plans (formerly known as Land Use Determinations) have been developed for 46 of the 134 Declared Water Supply Catchments. These catchment land use and management plans specify where (location) various land uses may be undertaken and how (conditions of use) they should be undertaken, to minimise any adverse effects on water related values. Special Area Plans are developed where catchments are exposed to sufficient pressure.
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