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Welcome to the Victorian Resources Online Horticulture homepage. This section of the VRO website provides natural resource and productivity information relevant to Victoria's horticulture cropping regions with a focus on soils and land use.

Paddock controlled farmingVictorian Horticulture Soils

The Victorian Horticulture Soils section provides access to new maps showing the distribution of soils in Victorian horticulture areas and general information about soil management.

Paddocks used for horticulture showing the route of the Avon RiverLanduse and Management

Overview Landuse and Management information related to horticulture within Victoria and links to relevant information about land management. Legacy reports describing suitability for various horticultural crops are also provided, along with a historic map showing horticulture activity in Victoria in 1944.

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The Horticulture Industry Network (HIN) is a network of state and national horticultural industry organisations brought together by the Agriculture Group from the Victorian Government to increase industry collaboration and the rate of practice change within horticultural communities. The HIN creates strong working relationships between the Victorian Government and horticultural industries, facilitating uptake and adoption of innovation towards increased productivity and profitability of Victoria’s horticulture industries. The social networks created within the HIN extend the reach of services and increase resources available to deliver key information to growers and service providers.

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