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Victoria’s marine environment supports a diverse range of species and habitats. Important commercial activities and industries are dependent on Victoria’s marine resources including fishing, aquaculture, commercial shipping, diving, tourism and recreation.
Photo:  Weedy Seadragons
Weedy Seadragons.
Photo: Courtesy of Museum Victoria
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Fishing and Aquaculture
The home page of DEPI Fisheries Victoria provides information on management of commercial and recreational fishing and aquaculture in Victoria.

Marine Discovery Centre (external link)
Promoting conservation by increasing awareness and understanding of the marine environment.

Victorian Marine National Parks and Sanctuaries (external link)
The Parks Victoria web site provides extensive information on Victoria’s Marine National Parks and Sanctuaries.

Museum of Victoria (external link)
The Museum Victoria undertakes research on the systematics, ecology, evolution and biogeography of various components of the marine fauna of southern Australia and elsewhere in the southern oceans.

Reef Watch Victoria (external link)
Reef Watch is a project that encourages divers and snorkellers to monitor marine life at their favourite dive sites.

Phillip Island Nature Park (external link)
The Phillip Island Nature Park home page provides information about the Little Penguin colonies at Phillip Island as well as other seabirds and seals.

Victorian Coastal Council (external link)
The Victorian Coastal Council is the peak body for the strategic planning and management of the Victorian coast, and provides advice to the Minister for Environment.
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