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Welcome to the Victorian Resources Online Dairy homepage. This new section of the VRO website provides natural resource and productivity information relevant to Victoria's dairy regions - with a major focus on soils and land use. Content will continue to be added as it is developed.

Icon: Dairy cows with tilled paddock in the backgroundVictorian Dairy Soils

The Victorian Dairy Soils section provides access to new maps showing the distribution of Victorian dairy soils and information about soil management. Access is also provided to online animations, including the soil carbon and nitrogen cycle, soil phosphorus and acidification.

Wet soil management

Icon: Dairy cows in paddock with riverLand Use and Management

The Landuse and management section includes a rare historical map of the distribution of dairy cows in 1944, overlayed with the current distribution of dairying in Victoria.

Icon: Dairy Nitrogen Fertiliser AdvisorDairy Nitrogen Fertiliser Advisor

The Dairy Nitrogen Fertiliser Advisor is designed to allow farmers and advisors to fine tune their decisions about how much nitrogen to apply to pastures in a grazing rotation.

Icon: Ellinbank Dairy Research InstituteEllinbank Dairy Research Institute

An interactive landscape panorama of the Ellinbank Dairy Research Institute
Ellinbank Dairy Research Institute
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