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aeral view of cropping

This section provides overview information on grain cropping land use within Victoria and links to relevant information about land management in these cropping lands.

Distribution of Grain cropping 1944 to 2014
This new map provides a spatial view of the change in distribution of grain cropping in Victoria over a 70 year period - from 1944-2014. Access is also provided to rare maps showing the 1944 distribution of oats, barley and wheat, as well as associated infrastructure.

Animation showing crop development, wheat growth stages and the influence of climate and cultivar on grain yield in the High Rainfall Zone.

Victoria's long-term agro-ecological experiments.
Information about the network of research sites at Hamilton, Horsham, Rutherglen and Walpeup.

Other relevant information on the VRO website

Raised bed controlled traffic farming

Related Links

The Agriculture Victoria website provides a range of information notes on general agronomy, growing specific crops, and pastures and hay.

The Victorian Grains Industry profile (2014) on the Agriculture Victoria website provides an overview of the location, structure and performance of Victoria's grains industry. It also provides information on production, trends, exports, domestic consumption, productivity, financial performance and employment details of the industry, as well as opportunities and challenges and important government policy influences.

Victorian winter crop summaries on the Agriculture Victoria website.

An overview of Land management practice trends in Victoria’s broadacre cropping industries is available on the Australian Government's Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website.

A report on ‘Adoption of no-till cropping practices in Australian grain growing regions’ (2009) is available on the GRDC website.

A report on ‘Water use efficiency of grains crops in Australia: principles, benchmarks and management’ (2009) is available on the GRDC website.

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