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Land Use and Management

Cows on irrigated pasture near Kerang
Dairying on irrigated pastures near Kerang in northern Victoria

This section aims to provides overview information on dairy land use within Victoria and links to relevant information about land and water management in dairy regions.

Distribution of Dairying 1944 to 2014
This new map provides a useful spatial view of the change in distribution of dairying in Victoria over a 70 year period - from 1944-2014

Other relevant information on the VRO website

Information about efficient irrigation technologies to match soils and dairy farming systems
This section provides information about irrigation system selection and design guidelines.

Related Links

An overview of Land management practice trends in Australia's dairy industry is available on the Australian Government's Department of Agriculture website. (Dairy links are available under National factsheets).

The report on 'Dairy water use in Australian dairy farms: past trends and future prospects' (February 2010) is available on the CSIRO website.

Information on Dairy farms and water (including guidelines for effluent management) is available on the EPA Victoria website.

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