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Victorian Grains Cropping Soils

distribution of victorian grain soils iconSoils of Victorian Grain Cropping Regions

Across Victoria’s grain cropping regions there is a great diversity of soil types that reflect differences in parent material, topography, climate, biological activity and age (e.g. degree of weathering). These different soil types have a range of physical and chemical characteristics (e.g. structure, drainage, depth, pH, sodicity) that impact on management. The map of Soils of Victorian Grain Cropping Regions presented here is a statewide overview that displays the dominant Soil Orders in each of the major grain cropping regions, using the Australian Soil Classification (Isbell, 2002). Information is provided on the nature and distribution of these soils as well as general management considerations.

Relevant information elsewhere on VRO website

Legacy reports and documents related to soil assessment - includes information on tools for assessing soil health; soil health management planning, and information on soil quality assessment.

Information on soil health

Information about subsoil constraints in Victoria's grain cropping regions

Subsoil sodicity map of Victoria

Other relevant information

Managing Soil Organic Matter: A Practical Guide on the GRDC website.

Management of water repellent sands in the Southern cropping region prepared by Murray Unkovich et al (2015) for GRDC is available on the CSIRO website.
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