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Soil and Landform Mapping

A Land Resource Assessment of the Glenelg-Hopkins Region

The purpose of this study was to guide future agricultural development across the Glenelg Hopkins region. This has necessitated the production of soil and landform information at a scale of 1:100 000. The detail available in current datasets is adequate for this scale but it is not sufficient to provide landscape analysis at finer scales. The results of this study should not therefore be used to plan land use strategies at more detailed scales (1:25 000 and larger) unless additional soil and land survey is implemented. This would involve enhancing the map line work and subdividing the map units that are presented here.

This study has combined survey work carried out in 1999-2001 with previously available older survey information, to determine soil-landform units at 1:100 000 scale for the Glenelg-Hopkins region. These soil-landform units are unique for their geology, soil and land forming processes. Units have been further refined to complement the variability in landform characteristics e.g. relief and slope, across these units.

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Image:  Glenelg Land Resource Assessment
Preface (PDF 18KB)

Executive Summary (PDF 41KB)


Introduction (PDF 28KB)
Climate (PDF 742KB)
Land use (PDF 1.5MB)
Geology (PDF 183KB)
Geomorphology (PDF 36KB)
Land Hazard Maps

Sheet & rill erosion (PDF 444KB)
Gully & tunnel erosion (PDF 645KB)
Wind erosion (PDF 468KB)
Mass movement (PDF 287KB)
Land unit/soil site map (PDF 450KB)


Creation of geological landforms (PDF 30KB)
Digital elevation models (DEM) (PDF 397KB)
Extrapolation for geology mapping (PDF 143KB)
Most limiting factor (MLF) method (PDF 446KB)
Land capability tables (PDF 1.2MB)
Land hazard tables (PDF 73KB)


Chromosols (PDF 88KB)
Dermosols (PDF 66KB)
Ferrosols (PDF 53KB)
Kurosols (PDF 67KB)
Podosols (PDF 67KB)
Rudosols (PDF 61KB)
Sodosols (PDF 82KB)
Tenosols (PDF 58KB)
Vertosols (PDF 77KB)

Land Capability Maps

Blue gum (PDF 349KB)
Broadacre cropping (PDF 379KB)
Dairy (PDF 506KB)
Wine grapes (PDF 413KB)


Bibliography (PDF 40KB)
Land units and descriptions
Soil sites
Soil restrictions & management prescriptions (PDF 182KB)
Chemical data (PDF 163KB)

(PDF 781KB)

(PDF 17KB)

Access to spatial data

spatial dataset of A Land Resource Assessment of the Glenelg-Hopkins Region (DOI 10.4226/92/58e717be5073e) is freely available through the DataVic website.
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