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Willows (Salix spp) (Nox)

Scientifc name:

Salix spp. (Nox)

Common Name:

Willows (Nox)


Declared Noxious weed. The Agriculture Victoria website has information about the noxious weed classification of this species.

Photo: Weeping Willow leaves
Weeping willow leaves
Photo: Mark Imhof
Photo: Weeping Willow tree
Weeping willow tree

Photo: Mark Imhof

Willows - Common Name
Scientific Name (Salix spp)
Asian sallowS. aegyptiaca
Black willowS. nigra
Corkscrew or Peking willowS. matsudana
Crack, Fragile or Brittle willowS. fragilis
Dune WillowS. glaycophylloides
Grey SallowS. cinerea
Hybrid crack or basket willowS. X rubens, S. viminalis
Pencil willowS. humboldtiana
Purple OsierS. purpurea
White willowS. alba
Weeping willowS. X pendulina
S. X sepulcralis

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