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Grey sallow (Salix cinerea) (Nox)

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Scientific name: Salix cinerea L.

Common Name: Grey sallow

Status: Declared Noxious weed.

Habitat: Cold and temperate regions (Bailey and Bailey 1976). Succeeds in most soils, including wet, ill-drained or intermittently flooded soils, but prefers damp, heavy soil in a sunny position (Plants For a Future 2000c). In Victoria, it has spread mainly in the lowland and mountain stream, where it occurs along streams or near seasonal or permanent swamps and bogs, from sea level to above the treeline (Cremer et al 1999). Grey sallow invades riparian vegetation, heathland and heathy woodland, freshwater wetland (permanent) and alpine and subalpine vegetation (Carr et al 1992). Also invades steeply sloping, mature pine forests (Cremer et al 1999).

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