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Puccinellia photos

Scientific Name:Puccinellia ciliata
Photo: Puccinellia Plants
Puccinellia plants
Photo: A J Brown


Native to Turkey. Introduced as a salt-reclamation grass to Australia.


Tufted, erect, hairless
perennial grass to 70 cm tall with slender, smooth, grey to blue-green, flat to loosely inrolled leaves; ligule membranous, blunt, 1-6 mm long.

Inflorescence, a green to purple, narrow to spreading, erect to drooping panicle to 20 cm long and exserted from the upper leaf sheath. Secondary and tertiary branches often lying close to main branches.

Spikelets 5-11 flowered, frequently purple and not or barely overlapping each other at maturity.


Occasionally sown as a pasture species for saline land throughout Victoria. More commonly grown in south Australia and Western Australia.

RegionSalinity ClassWaterlogging Class
Mallee, Loddon Murray, Central and Northern, WimmeraS3, S4W2, W3


Puccinellia ciliata
‘Menemen’ has been used in Australia since the 1960’s. Other Puccinellia species in Victoria include the natives; Australian Saltmarsh-grass (P.stricta), Lax Saltmarsh-grass (P. perlaxa) and the exotic volunteer; Borrer’s Saltmarsh-grass (P. fasciculata). A simplified key can be accessed here – Key to species.

Puccinellia Photos

    Photo: Puccinellia Closed
    Puccinellia - closed
    Photo: A J Brown
    Photo: Puccinellia
    Photo: A J Brown
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