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Key to Puccinellia

1.Panicle (flowering head) contracted and enclosed by upper leaf-sheath at maturity
Puccinellia stricta
(Australian Saltmarsh-grass)
1.Panicle spreading and becoming free of the upper leaf-sheath at maturity
2.Anthers 1.3-2.1 mm long
Puccinellia ciliata
2.Anthers 0.5-1.1 mm long
3.Palea keels hairy in the lower half; spikelets congested in a one-sided panicle and most branches with spikelets to the base and not deflexed
Puccinellia fasciculata
(Borrer’s Saltmarsh-grass)
3.Palea keels hairless in the lower half; spikelets not congested and most branches usually bare of spikelets towards the base and the lower branches deflexed
Puccinellia perlaxa
(Lax Saltmarsh-grass)
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