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This page of the Soil Health Checklist is designed to link soil health information based on subject. The subjects identified here mirror those subjects presented as workshops as part of the Healthy Soils project.

This page acts as an inventory of the Soil Health pages on VRO.

1 - What is soil health?
2 - Soil types
3 - Soil structure
4 - Nutrients
5 - Soil biology
6 - Soil organic matter
7 - Sub soil constraints
8 - Erosion
9 - Water use efficiency
Scientist carrying out soil test in the field

Subject 1 - What is soil health?
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Subject 2 - Soil types
Describing soil types

Subject 3 - Soil structure?
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Subject 4 - Nutrients
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Subject 5 - Soil biology
Subject 6 - Soil organic matter
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Subject 7 - Subsoil constraints
  • Is subsoil important?
  • What are the primary subsoil constraints?
  • What are the factors causing subsoil constraints?
  • What management options are there for dealing with subsoil management constraints?
  • What to conclude for the soil health management plan.

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Subject 8 - Soil erosion
Subject 9 - Water use efficiency
  • What is it and how might it be of value?
  • How can we use it for monitoring soil health?
  • What soil properties and condition influence it?
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