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Soil Health Checklist

Why have the checklist?

Many of our land management practices have damaged soil health. We need better ways of doing things. The checklist aims to encourage curiosity, observation and testing. It will help construct a Soil health management plan, a key part of any property management plan. Click on any of the links below.

Soil Health - Grant Boyle and farmer
A Agriculture Victoria soil scientist engages with a farmer near a soil pit site.

Soil Properties

Organic matter
Soil type
Soil Processes

Soil formation and development
Landscape associations
Structural stability
Water effects and movement
Nutrient cycling
Degradation and soil erosion
Carbon cycle

Management Practices

Soil cultivation and physical disturbance Ecosystem services
Monitoring and evaluation
General Tools

Soil health concepts
Land capability
Soil Health Management Plan

There are two ways to access the checklist

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