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Small-Leaf Sea-Heath

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Small-Leaf Sea-Heath photos

Scientific Name:Frankenia sessilis
Small-leaf Sea-heath bushes
Small-leaf Sea-heath bushes
Photo: A J Brown


Native to Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria.

Plant Description:

Grey-green softly hairy, shrub to 30 cm; often straggling. Leaves, 2-4 mm long,
linear to cylindrical and crowded and spreading, broad at the base and without stalks. Upper leaf surface with whitish scales.

Flowers usually solitary. Petals 6-7 mm long and white. Fruit a capsule containing 1-2 smooth seeds.


Mallee and Wimmera, near or on salt lakes.

Mallee, WimmeraS2, S3W1, W2


The Sea-heaths are a large genus of plants of which at least 50 are native to Australia. They are not easy to tell apart. Currently Victoria has five native species, including
Southern Sea-heath (Frankenia paucifolia) and Leafy Sea-heath (Frankenia foliosa).

Small-leaf Sea-heath Photos

Small-leaf Sea-heath leaves
Leaves of Small-leaf Sea-heath
Photo: A J Brown
Small-leaf Sea-heath flower
Small-leaf Sea-Heath flower
Photo: A J Brown

Small-leaf Sea-heath flowers
Flowers of Small-leaf Sea-heath
Photo: A J Brown

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