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Leafy Sea-heath

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Scientific Name:Frankenia foliosa
Leafy Sea-heath bluish
Stand of bluish coloured Leafy Sea-heath above samphire (
Halosarcia sp.) salt flats
Photo: A J Brown


Native to New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria.

Plant Description:

Shrub about 25 cm but sometimes to 60 cm high with erect to spreading stems covered in very short, soft hairs and scales. Leaves clustered in approximate
whorls along the stems but spreading widely and more or less covered in white salt encrustations. Leaves without stalks, linear to oblong, slightly tapering towards the base, 3-7 mm long and 1-1.5 mm wide, margins tightly recurved but showing the midrib on the softly hairy underside.

Flowers solitary or in small clusters. Petals 7-9 mm long and pink. Fruit a capsule containing 10-15 deeply wrinkled seeds.


Far north-west Victorian Mallee, often near or on salt lakes.

RegionSalinity ClassWaterlogging Class
MalleeS2, S3W1, W2


The Sea-heaths are a large genus of plants of which at least 50 are native to Australia. Currently Victoria has five native species, including
Southern Sea-heath (Frankenia paucifolia) and Small-leaf Sea-heath (Frankenia sessilis).

Leafy Sea-heath bush
Bush of Leafy Sea-heath

Photo: A J Brown
Leafy Sea-heath flowers
Leafy Sea-heath flowers
Photo: A J Brown

Leafy Sea-heath spent flowers
Spent flowers of Leafy Sea-heath
Photo: A J Brown

Leafy Sea-heath fruit
Leaves and fruit of Leafy Sea-heath
Photo: A J Brown
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