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Mirror-bush photos

Scientific Name:Coprosma repens
Mirror Bush plant
Mirror-bush plant
Photo: A J Brown

Other Common Names:

Looking-glass Bush, Taupata, New Zealand Laurel, Shiny Leaf


Native to New Zealand. Naturalised in coastal areas of South-east Australia.

Plant Description:

A woody prostrate shrub to a small tree up to 8 m tall, depending on habitat. Thick, glossy leaves with recurved margins (becoming more so with increasing environmental stress). Leaves are broad-oblong to
ovate, 10-50 mm wide with a rounded or flat apex.

Male flowers occur in dense, compound clusters and have a minute calyx (whorl surrounding petals) and a funnel-shaped corolla of petals about 5 mm long. Female flowers are in small clusters and have a short calyx and a tubular corolla 3 mm long. Fruit is a drupe (berry), 8 mm diameter and 10 mm long, becoming orange-red with maturity.


Grows in a wide range of habitats including coastal dunes and beaches, heathlands, woodlands, wetlands and rocky outcrops.


Often planted in coastal gardens because of its tolerance to salt-spray but also found in many older urban and rural gardens.

Mirror-bush Photos

Mirror Bush leaves
Leaves of Mirror-bush
Photo: A J Brown
Mirror Bush woody stem
Woody stems and inrolled leaves of Mirror-bush in an exposed

coastal situation
Photo: A J Brown

Mirror Bush flowerbuds
Flower buds of Mirror-bush
Photo: A J Brown

Mirror Bush male flower
Male flowers of Mirror-bush
Photo: A J Brown

Mirror Bush fruit
Mirror Bush fruit
Photo: A J Brown
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