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Mirror-bush (Coprosma repens)

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Scientific name:Coprosma repens Hook. F.

Common Name:



Native to NZ occurring in sandy heaths, on rocky foreshores (Blood 1997), offshore islands on steep & unstable slopes, shallow rocky soil & high cliffs (Atkinson 1972) & to 2,000 m in the southern alps (Cheeseman 1925). In Australia, mostly coastal but also occurs in non-coastal communities (Muyt 2001). Invades dry coastal vegetation, dunes, coastal islands, headlands, heathland & heathy woodland, dry sclerophyll forest & woodland, damp & wet sclerophyll forest, freshwater wetland, rock outcrop vegetation, warm temperate rainforest (Carr
et al 1992, Blood 2001), littoral rainforest (ESC 2002) shrubland & hinterland forest (Walsh & Entwisle 1999). Common on deep sandy soils but also shallow rocky ground, heavier clays & poorly drained soils (Muyt 2001).

Mirror bush berries
Mirror-bush berries
Photo: Mark Imhof
Mirror bush plant
Mirror-bush plant
Photo: Mark Imhof
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