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Scientific Name:Avellinia michelii


Native to the Mediterranean.


A small tufted
annual grass to 30 cm high with flat or rolled, softly hairy, leaves, to 5 cm long and 2.5 mm wide. Flower-head is a contracted panicle of 1-8 cm long with 2-4 flowered spikelets. Outer glumes or bracts of the spikelets are very unequal in size; the lower only 1-2 mm long and the upper 3-6 mm long. The lemma (inner flower bract) is 3-4.5 mm long with a fine and straight awn or bristle, 1.5-2.5 mm long.


Occasional weed of sandy soils but sometimes common on seasonally wet freshwater and saline swamp and lake margins.


Superficially similar to other small annual grasses with contracted panicles, such as
Annual Cat’s-tail (Rostraria cristata) and Annual Fog (Holcus annuum) but differs in being rather ‘stiffer’ than soft in touch.
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