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Annual Fog

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Scientific Name:Holcus annuus
Flower-head of Annual Fog
Flower-head of Annual Fog
Photo: A J Brown


Native to southern Europe and northern Africa


A slender,
annual grass to 40 cm high but often less. Leaves are softly hairy and flat, to 10 cm long and 1-5 mm wide. Flower-head is a contracted, oblong to ovate, panicle of 2-8 cm long with 2 flowered spikelets. Outer glumes or bracts of the spikeletsare equal in size; 3-4.5 mm long, with a fine apical awn or bristle, 2-4 mm long, enclosing the florets. The lower bisexual floret is awnless while the upper sterile floret has a strongly bent awn to 2 mm long.


Mainly a grass of the drier midlands of Victoria but common on seasonally wet freshwater and saline swamp and lake margins.


Superficially similar to other small annual grasses with contracted panicles, such as
Avellinia (Avellinia michelii) and Annual Cat’s-tail (Rostraria cristata). A much smaller and less robust grass than Yorkshire Fog (Holcus lanatus).
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