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Land Use in Victoria 1944

In 1944 the State Regional Boundaries Committee produced an Atlas of maps covering Victoria's Land Use, Population and Natural Resources. This section provides access to a number of the maps from the report showing the broad distribution of different land uses across Victoria in 1944.

These maps were developed from often limited information but provide an important historical perspective, showing areas where certain land uses occurred over 70 years ago.

These high resolution PDF files are provided and can be viewed using the free Adobe PDF reader. This software can be downloaded from the Adobe website (external link). The following PDF's are provided with a high level of detail and with the intent that they should be printed at a high resolution.

Land Utilization (Agricultural and Pastoral)

Image:   Land Utilization (Agricultural and Pastoral) 1944
Land Utilization (Agricultural and Pastoral) - (PDF 357 KB)

Areas under Vegetable Crops

Image:  Areas under vegetable crops 1944
Areas under Vegetable Crops (PDF - 254 KB)
Areas under Cultivation

Image:  Areas under cultivation 1944
Areas under Cultivation - (PDF - 305 KB)

Areas under Oats

Image:  Areas under oats 1944
Areas under Oats (PDF - 350 KB)
Areas under Barley

Image:  Areas under barley 1944
Areas under Barley (PDF - 278 KB)

Distribution of Live Stock

Image:  Areas under livestock 1944
Distribution of Live Stock (PDF - 301 KB)
Areas under Wheat

Image:  Areas under wheat 1944
Areas under Wheat (PDF - 333 KB)

Distribution of Dairy Cows

Image:  Distribution of Dairy Cows 1944
Distribution of Dairy Cows (PDF - 352 KB)
Distribution of Sheep

Image:  Areas under sheep 1944
Distribution of Sheep (PDF - 373 KB)

Forest Resources

Image:  Forest Ressources 1944
Forest Resources (PDF - 1 MB)
Distribution of Cattle

Image:  Areas under cattle 1944
Distribution of Cattle (PDF - 346 KB)
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