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The Land Use Impact Model (LUIM)

This report describes the evolution and capability of a Land Use Impact Model (LUIM) used in the Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Victoria. We use the LUIM to rate and map the risks to soil, land, water, and vegetation under different land uses and practices. It can be used to rate the present risks of current land use. It can also be used to evaluate scenarios of changed land use and practices. The LUIM’s primary benefit is in environmental reporting and planning. It is available through DEPI to any person or authority wishing to use it for research or planning purposes.

Image:  The Land Use Impact Model (LUIM)
Front page and Table of Contents (PDF 475KB)
Acknowledgements and Abbreviations (PDF 125KB)
Introduction (PDF 175KB)
The LUIM framework (PDF 570KB)
The LUIM Tool (PDF 232KB)
Case Studies (PDF 225KB)
Victorian Catchment Indicators 2000-2001 (PDF 500KB)
Policy, land use and biodiversity 2003-2004 (PDF 500KB)
Lower Murray Region Biodiversity 2005-2006 (PDF 1MB)
Wind Erosion rise in the Mallee 2006-2007 (PDF 150KB)
LUIM Wetland Tool 2002-2003 (PDF 885KB)
Corangamite Region Soil Health 2003-2004 (PDF 400KB)
WGCMA Soil Erosion Management Plan 2005-2006 (PDF 345KB)
Discussion (PDF 140KB)
References (PDF 135KB)

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The Land Use Impact Model (LUIM) (Word Online) can also be viewed online
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