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Subsoil Constraints

Subsoil constraints to cropping in the high rainfall zone

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Image:  Final brochure subsoil constraints

(PDF 1.1MB)

Identifying, understanding and managing hostile subsoils for cropping - A reference manual for neutral-alkaline soils of south-eastern Australia

Image:  Identifying, understanding and managing hostile soils for cropping
Front page and Table of Contents (PDF 175KB)
Introduction (PDF 214KB)
Chapter 1Soils of the dryland cropping regions of Victoria and South Australia (PDF 2.3MB)
Chapter 2Subsoil constraints and water (PDF 567KB)
Chapter 3Nutrient deficiences, toxicities and imbalances (PDF 450KB)
Chapter 4Salinity and Sodicity (PDF 1.3MB)
Chapter 5Physical constraints to root growth (PDF 167KB)
Chapter 6Identifying subsoil constraints using targeted analyses (PDF 202KB)
Chapter 7Field diagnostics (PDF 187KB)
Chapter 8Options for managing grain production on soils with subsoil constraints (PDF 556KB)
Chapter 9Economic guide for on farm decisions (PDF 398KB)
Glossary (PDF 77KB)

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