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River Red-Gum

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River Red-Gum photos

Scientific Name:Eucalyptus camaldulensis
River Red Gum tree
River Red-gum - normal form tree
Photo: A J Brown

River Red Gum dwarf tree
River Red-gum - dwarf form tree
Photo: A J Brown

Other Common Names:

Murray Red Gum, Red Gum, River Gum
Status:Widespread native across all mainland Australia.
Plant Description:Medium to tall tree to 40 m high, with a large spreading crown. Bark is smooth, mottled white, yellow and grey and shedding at intervals throughout the year. Rough at the base of the treee. Leaves alternate, broadly lanceolate, to 11 cm long and 3 cm wide, dull green, with numerous clear, yellow and green oil glands.

Flowers white, borne in clusters of 7, each cluster at the end of a slender common stalk 2 cm long. Buds to 1 cm long, 0.5 cm wide, the cap hemispherical and beaked. Fruit hemispherical, to 0.6 cm long and 1 cm wide, on a very short stalk, the valves exserted. Flowering summer.


Widespread along rivers and flood-plains across Australia. It also occurs on heavy clay soils of the Volcanic plains and on the edges of salt lakes and swamps. River Red-gum is considered to have moderate tolerance to salinity.

*Mallee, Loddon Murray, Central and Northern, Wimmera, Western, Gippsland S0, S1, S2W1, W2
*largely confined to the Murray River
Comments:This species displays considerable variation in morphology across its range. It also varies widely in its salinity and waterlogging tolerance and selection of appropriate clones is important when used for rehabilitation. Aboriginals used River Red-gum bark for canoe and shield making. In more recent times, the wood has been highly prized for heavy construction, railway sleepers, fencing, wood turning, firewood and charcoal production. It is also an important source of honey.

River Red-Gum Photos

River Red Gum bark
River Red-gum - bark
Photo: A J Brown
River Red Gum buds
River Red-gum - buds
Photo: A J Brown

River Red Gum leaves
River Red-gum - leaves
Photo: A J Brown

River Red Gum - dead and live trees at salt limit
River Red-gum - dead and live trees at salt limit
Photo: A J Brown

River Red Gum fruit
River Red-gum - fruit
Photo: A J Brown

River Red Gum trunk
River Red-gum - trunk
Photo: A J Brown

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