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Key to Families or Genera represented in Salinity Indicator Plants

The following series of keys are designed to assist the reader in identifying the plant under investigation to its family or genus classification. They only include plants represented in the ‘Salinity Indicator Plants’, Victorian Resources Online site but should cover the majority of common species likely to be found in saline environments, freshwater wetlands or coastal habitats. The keys do not include plants that only occur in non-saline pastures or cropping land, in forests, in drier woodlands, in heathlands or in alpine environments. These dichotomous keys work by providing two choices at a time, which either lead to a further two choices or eventually to the family or genus classification. When the classification is reached, the individual species pages for that family or genus can be consulted for images and descriptions. Note that this key cannot cover all possible plants you may find in wet or saline situations; particularly in non-saline, wet environments. If you have exhausted the keys and descriptions without a satisfactory result, you will need to consult a more complete state flora key (e.g. Flora of Victoria) or a botanical expert.

Key A - General Plant Form | Key B - Tree Families and Genera | Key C - Shrub and Sub-shrub Families and Genera | Key D - Dicotyledon (Forbs) Families and Genera | Key E - Monocotyledon (Grasses and Rush-like Plants) Families and Genera

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