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Salinity in the Mallee Region

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The Victorian Mallee is an extension of that found in New South Wales and South Australia with many plant species being common across the borders. The arid climate and sandy soils of the Mallee render it readily susceptible to land-use change with the result that wind erosion and salinity are common outcomes of vegetation clearance.

Bioregions of the Mallee Region largely consist of the Murray Mallee and the Lowan Mallee. Smaller bioregions are the Robinvale Plain and the Murray Scroll Belt; much of which is utilised for irrigated horticulture. Dryland salting in the Mallee Region is a mixture of Primary and Secondary types; the former mainly occurring as evaporation salt pans or playas on broad flat plains while the latter has developed at the base of east-west dunes as a result of clearing of native vegetation causing rising ground-water and seepage. Continuous cropping and fallow management of interdune areas (swales) in the past have exacerbated the problem.

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