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Key B - Tree Families and Genera

1Leaves reduced to whorls of minute scales on thin, needle-like jointed and grooved branchlets; fruits are enclosed in hard cones with pointed valvesShe-oaks (Casaurina, Allocasaurina)
She-oak Family (Casaurinaceae)1
1Leaves or fruits not as above2
1Flowers with petals3
2Flowers without petals or petal-like segments 2
3Small trees or large shrubs of coastal tidal mudflats with 4-lobed white flowers turning golden with age Mangroves (Avicennia)
Verbena Family (Verbenaceae)
3Inland or coastal plants but not growing in tidal mudflats; flowers not as above4
4Petals 5, separated at the base, rather stiff and almost circular, white, pink or reddishTea-trees (Leptospermum)
Myrtle family (Myrtaceae)
4Petals not as above5
5Petals small, greenish and tubular; leaves bright green and shinyMirror Bush (Coprosma)
Coprosma Family (Rubiaceae)
5Petals white; leaves dull or greyish-green6
6Flower with 5 narrow free petals (separated at the base), cream to whiteBursarias (Bursaria)
Pittosporum Family (Pittosporaceae)
6Tubular flower with 5 fused petals, white with purple spots in the throat of the tube Boobiallas (Myoporum)
Boobialla Family (Myoporaceae)
7Flowers inconspicuous, in dense silky catkins (drooping racemes); bark dark grey and deeply fissured; leaves long and narrow, often with slightly toothed margins Willows (Salix)
Willow family (Salicaceae)
7Flowers (or at least stamens) conspicuous, not in catkins; bark and leaves various 8
8Bark shed in thin sheet-like layers; leaves small and often pointed, closely and regularly attached to the stems; flowers in globular or cylindrical heads, white, yellowish, pink, red or mauve; fruit are small capsules or nuts, usually closely clustered together on old wood Paperbarks (Melaleuca)
Myrtle Family (Myrtaceae)b
8Plants not entirely as above9
9Flowers in a bottlebrush-like head; fruits enclosed in small horizontal splits around woody cones Banksias (Banksia)
Protea Family (Proteaceae)
9Flowers and fruits not as above 10
10Mature leaves (actually flattened stems or phyllodes) have longitudinal veining (some species have young leaves made up of numerous small, regularly arranged leaflets); flowers cream to bright yellow in globular clusters or rods (spikes); fruit are long pods containing individually separated seeds Wattles (Acacia)
Wattle Family (Mimosaceae)
10Mature leaves have a branching vein network; flowers yellow, cream, white, red or pink; fruit are nuts with apical valves which open when seed is ripe (gum-nuts) Gums and Boxes (Eucalyptus)
Myrtle family (Myrtaceae)

aThe two genera in Casaurinaceae; Casaurina and Allocasuarina differ largely in characters of their cones and fruits.
bSee Key to Melaleuca species for further detail.

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