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Site 35 Third Marsh

This is one of three marshes in the Avoca River system. It is dominated by Redgum on the marsh floor and surrounded by Black Box and Eumong on higher ground. This area has been dry for a number of years and provides a habitat for a large number of birds, especially when water is present. Surrounding land uses include grazing and cropping.

Vegetation Description and Composition

This site consists of Woodland dominated by Eucalyptus camaldulensis (Red Gum). On higher areas the site is dominated by Eucalyptus largiflorens (Black Box) and Acacia stenophylla (Eumong). The understorey is predominantly Muehlenbeckia florulenta (Tangled Lignum). Some areas of the site have had up to 25% introduced species in past surveys, but no introduced species have been recorded in both quadrats during the current survey. Tree health appears to be in decline, with one tree having died. Overall there has been a minimal change in the vegetation survey results compared to previous surveys if seasonal conditions are considered. The abundance of the native Short Rat-tail Grass remains greatly reduced, due to the continued dry seasonal conditions and excessive grazing by rabbits and kangaroos.

Photo: Third Marsh
Third Marsh

Water Quality
The marshes are generally fresh but do become slightly saline (up to above 6 000 EC) when drying.

Groundwater and Salinity

The groundwater level is currently 5-7 metres below the surface, due mainly to the current dry seasonal conditions. Groundwater salinity averages 50 000 EC.

Threats to the site continue to be:
  • weed invasion, mostly from species of the Asteraceae family.
  • possible inappropriate water regime.
  • regeneration being severely grazed by kangaroos and rabbits.

Monitoring Survey Dates
December 1997, December 1998, December 1999, December 2000, November 2001, December 2002.
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