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Landholder Groups

Information on Landcare in the North Central region - on the North Central Catchment Management Authority website (external link).

The ‘Decade of Landcare’ has seen community participation grow from on-ground works through to planning and direction for resource allocation (NCCALPB, 1997).

The North Central region has an extensive network of community groups working in natural resource management. These groups have an ‘on-ground’ focus and are the major means by which regional catchment strategies will be implemented (NCCALPB, 1997).

Further information can be found on the Landcare Australia website (external link).
Photo: Lexton Landcare Group sign

The Landcare Groups map provides an overall picture of the approximate location of different Landcare and other community groups throughout the region. Its intended use is for identification of these associations to prospective members and researchers of land and water use issues.

The locations of these groups were provided by the Catchment and Agricultural Services (CAS) Division, Department of Primary Industries, Bendigo, and were digitised by the Centre for Land Protection Research GIS Laboratory.
Community Groups
Landcare Community Groups

Soil Pit Field Day
Soil pit field day for the Glenloth East Farm Advance Group (Nov. 1995)
During 1994-1996 the Department of Natural Resources ran a series of soil pit field days with a number of Landcare and Farm Advance Groups in the North Central region. These were aimed at demonstrating to landholders a range of soils that occur within their area and also to discuss management related considerations. Many of the soil profiles described during this work will be included progressively in to the Soils section of this website. This work was funded by the National Landcare Program.

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North Central Catchment & Land Protection Board (NCCALPB), (1997). Regional Catchment Strategy.
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