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Dryland Farm Water

IrriGate Newsletter

Dryland Farm Water is an extension service to help Dryland farmers manage their future water needs. Predominantly productive and aspirational farmers operating Dryland production systems, and their service providers.

Farmers are facing increased pressures to secure dependable supplies of quality water as climate change intensifies and dry periods become more frequent and extreme. While there is no guarantee that water will always be available, this service will provide information and tools for farmers to make better decisions about on-farm water infrastructure.

Dryland farmers will develop improved farm water solutions and reduce their risk of running out of water.
Enviro scan sensing
Enviro scan sensing solution

IrriGate Newsletter

Produced quarterly for irrigators in the North East, Mid and Upper Goulburn Broken (Dryland) Catchment Management Authority areas. A high priority for our extension service is to provide clear communication of relevant irrigation information and advice, services and grants within our regional area.

Issue 7 - Spring 2011
Issue 6 - Autumn/Winter 2011
Issue 5 - Summer 2011

Issue 4 - Spring 2010
Issue 3 - Autum 2010

Issue 2 - Summer 2009
Issue 1 - Spring 2009

For further information please contract Wendy Paglia, DPI Ovens (03) 5731 1206.
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