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34 Black, grey and brown gradational (earth) soils on Quaternary alluvium

These soils are found on Quaternary alluvium or colluvium, mainly in low-lying areas such as swamps or terraces between the basic volcanic plains and sedimentary plains terrain, as well as within those terrain types.

These soils have organic surface soils which may be quite deep (30–40 cm) and may have high clay contents making them similar to the (vertic) cracking clay soils (Soil Group 31). Some soils may have shallow marine deposits (shell fragments) underlying them (CLRA1). These soils are often deep (>150 cm) with structured clay with vertic (shrink-swell) properties. An A2 horizon may be present but is generally not bleached. Most soils are not sodic even in the lower subsoil.

Notable characteristics are a gradational profile, which may have medium or heavy textures, surface soils are generally friable and soils generally are deep.
CLRA Soil Unit 34

Soil Sites

Site Code
Soil-landform unit
1:100 000 mapsheet
FlatMelanic, Eutrophic, Grey Dermosol, VertosolGn3.93, Ug5.28T7721 - Geelong
FlatHaplic, Self-Mulching, Black VertosolUg5.16T7621 - Colac
Terrace crestMelanic, Eutrophic, Black KandosolGn2.02T7721 - Geelong
TerraceAcidic, Mesotrophic, Brown DermosolGn3.04T7520 - Princetown
FlatMelacic (& Vertic), Eutrophic, Black DermosolGn3.41T7521 - Corangamite
FlatHumose, Dermosolic, Redoxic HydrosolGn3.91T7520 - Princetown
FlatHumose, Kurosolic, Redoxic HydrosolDy3.11T7520 - Princetown
FlatHumose-Acidic, Tenosolic, Redoxic HydrosolUc4T7520 - Princetown
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