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Soil Health

The Corangamite Soil Health Strategy (external link) on the CCMA website contains all the outputs delivered under the Soil Health Program since 2002.

The web-site has recently been updated to include outputs delivered in 2007/08 and include:

  • "Implications of Climate Change on the Corangamite Soil Health Strategy", plus literature review.
  • "Waterlogging Mapping and Report in the Corangamite CMA Region".
  • "Training manual and field guides for landslides, erosion, salinity and acid sulphate soils".
  • "Community Engagement Report for the Corangamite Soil Health Strategy".
  • "Statistical Report for Erosion Management Overlays in the Corangamite CMA Region".
  • Scanned and up-loaded "Guidelines for Minimising Soil Erosion and Sedimentation from Construction Sites in Victoria".
  • Case studies on erosion sites where remedial works have been carried out to stabilise soil movement.
  • Erosion and landslide maps.
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