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Soils of the Shire of Kowree - Victoria

The report: "
Soils of the Shire of Kowree, Victoria" was prepared by G. Blackburn (CSIRO) and F. Gibbons (Soil Conservation Authority) in 1956. It reports on investigations in the former Shire of Kowree in 1953-54 as a joint enterprise between CSIRO and the former Soil Conservation Authority. A study of the soils was undertaken, together with an examination of the then present and potential land uses in the Shire. An attempt was made to deal with fertility and other problems facing new development, including erosion hazards.

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Description of Mapping Units

Apsley Unit (PDF 171KB)Benayeo Unit (PDF 183KB)Black Range Unit (PDF 208KB)Edenhope Unit (PDF 167KB)
Glenelg Unit (PDF 196KB)Goroke Unit (PDF 253KB)Kowree Unit (PDF 251KB)Kybybolite Unit (PDF 177KB)
Little Desert Unit (PDF 231KB)Neuarpur Unit (PDF 209KB)Powers Creek Unit (PDF 233KB)Tallageira Unit (PDF 206KB)
Telangatuk Unit (PDF 746KB)Ullswater Unit (PDF 210KB)White Lake Unit (PDF 215KB)

Image: Soils of the Shire of Kowree
Foreword (PDF 641KB)
Introduction (PDF 641KB)
Environment (PDF 641KB)
Soils (PDF 374KB)

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